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Nineteen Hundred And Ought Seven

Christmas Present to myself…  Postcards…

Sugarloaf 2013

Ahhh 2013….

The Gateway to Hell

‎”And many cases of keystone light were consumed by high school revelers at the gateway to hell” Rev Ch:22 V:7


sometimes convienience dictates the people you surround yourself with. I have been becoming increasingly aware that my yearly vacation at the in-law’s isn’t quite the windfall I had expected it to be. On one particular occasion just last year I found myself frequenting one of the more colorful supermarkets in town. I really don’t quite […]

Trying different twitter integration plugin.

Twitter test part deux

TWEET!!!! (tweet?)

Testing TwitterTools

Just a test. Go about you business.


Ophelia feels that last night’s events at Fuckton were noteworthy. She, as well as I, look forward to future mutations.

The Long way to the Dentist

The summer breeze blew softly through the slightly cracked window.  Heat inside the car bathed the diminishing view of the work site parking lot as the engine began its start.  As the car lumbered through the humming gate, a distant beach along the shore was calling like a favorite song just slightly imperceptible.  The signature seagulls and surf noises leading […]