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Category Archives: Consumerism

Check Yer Quarters!

4. 2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter With an Extra Leaf Variety experts disagree about the cause and long-term value of this type, but I’ve included in the list because it is very findable in pocket change and worth hundreds of dollars right now. How to Detect: There is some defect on the die that makes it […]

H.R. 2057

The proposed Right-To-Repair Act would allow independent garages to fix cars. It would also allow car owners to fix their own cars. Imagine that. This aptly named bill would allow independent repair shops to compete for the business now guaranteed only to dealer-controlled establishments. This is important because car manufacturers now severely limit the number […]

The Snug-WOW

This is awesome. Forgive me if this link isn’t working, I set it up from work where I cannot check it out…


New SONY Product I’m very excited about this new product.  I’ll probably buy one for each of my 8 televisions.  Beautiful work SONY!  Exactly what I’ve been hoping for.

Valentines Day is coming….

CD Player?

My mother-in-law is looking to buy a new CD player and she wants to spend about $200. I haven’t had a CD player in about six years now. Anyone have any favorite makes or models? Keep in mind that she is neither an audiophile nor an especially technical person. I also wouldn’t mind saving her […]

Cheap Threads

Tip from some of my young associates: Hobby Lobby is a great place to get good-quality plain shirts. Tis the truth. If you like solid-colored, advertisement-free long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts, for a $4 to $7 price range, HL is the place for you!