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How About Now?


A Twitter Test

All Tweets should now include a link. I hope.

meta: Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu

You may have noticed that the dashboard looks a little different. Following Mnemonic’s endorsement, I have activated Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu. Thoughts?

YouTube Test

The sorter

Intelligent Design Sort Introduction Intelligent design sort is a sorting algorithm based on the theory of intelligent design. Algorithm Description The probability of the original input list being in the exact order it’s in is 1/(n!). There is such a small likelihood of this that it’s clearly absurd to say that this happened by chance, […]


A byline has now been added–no more clicking into a post to see who wrote it. The time format has been changed slightly to include seconds, am/pm. The sidebar has been aligned left. Visit the Meta page to add gripes and wishes.