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Category Archives: Underground Herring Adventures

Tagline rotator *and* twitter integration are alive!

Thanks, Slick!

Spring Fever braunacht has begun.

WTF is in the sewer!?

Aren’t you glad we didn’t find THIS while exploring the storm drains?!

Salamander’s underground photos from 20090118

The six I liked best.  Lots of room for improving my underground photography. Washed my pants and socks as soon as I got home.  Pants came clean but the socks came out with a distinct eau d’pondwater though.  Jury’s still out on the boots.

Subterranean Herring Adventures 01-18-2009

On Sunday, January 18, 2009 the second gathering of the Subterranean Herring Adventurers occurred. Once again, at high noon inside the historic Luxury diner, a plan to tackle the Ames ave storm tunnel was sussed out.  Seven worthy explorers met to discuss the plan of attack and soon Operation Storm Fortress achieved “go” status.  Slick, […]

Subterranean Herring Adventures 11-15-2008

The first semi-official Subterranean Herring Adventure began on Saturday, November 15th 2008 On this day an historic luncheon at the Luxury Diner was scheduled to brainstorm and plot out our gateway into future projects of urban exploration.  On that Saturday, Slick, Salamander, and Goliath met at high noon and it was quickly decided that our […]