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(These Are) The Good Old Days

Les Paul, Goodbye and Thanks for Everything

Wrong Part of the Yard

And now some more Swedish hip hop: We need tuxes for Beer Night.

Sparklehorse – Dark Night of the Soul

I downloaded this after hearing about it on NPR a while back, and I am really enjoying the music. I thought I would share this with you all. So, some of you may be familiar with this, but in case you are not, here it is. From Wikipedia Dark Night of the Soul […]

Rinse, lather; repeat.

Mercan Dede: 800.

A musical CHALLENGE!

In recognition of our recently added in-line music player, I hereby challenge all of you who consider yourselves TRUE members of the Red Herring Society to post FIVE good songs before the next Brauernacht.

A Little Hip Hop in Your Violin

I was browsing the YouTube today and came across this spiffy hip hop violin video. Check it out! I don’t appear to be able to embed videos. Very sad.

SHRIEK!! …. Not Shriekback…

My latest favorite album cover.  I’d love to have a print of this for the den…  If I had  a den that is…   The font and print layout is a little lacking in imagination but the rest is great.  Still chewing on the music contained within.  It’s all instrumental with various spoken passages.  Kind of […]

Fear Of A Blank Planet