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Category Archives: Fuckin’ Economy!


sometimes convienience dictates the people you surround yourself with. I have been becoming increasingly aware that my yearly vacation at the in-law’s isn’t quite the windfall I had expected it to be. On one particular occasion just last year I found myself frequenting one of the more colorful supermarkets in town. I really don’t quite […]

Spring Fever braunacht has begun.


Not sure why I find this new show so damn funny, maybe a vast pocket of my closeted adolescence has finally been mined. It’s as if they went back in time to a place when Dexter, Carrot Top, and Kenneth, the Mormon guy on 30 rock shared an office cubicle working as telemarketers after college.  […]

Check Yer Quarters!

4. 2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter With an Extra Leaf Variety experts disagree about the cause and long-term value of this type, but I’ve included in the list because it is very findable in pocket change and worth hundreds of dollars right now. How to Detect: There is some defect on the die that makes it […]


This group was actually featured in the local paper the other week and triggered the ever-lurking dark humor section of my brain…  The feature described special “Asphixiation bags” to be issued to members…  Yeah…  Horrifying story and yet bizarrely humorous to me…  I kept picturing the Final exit logo being emblazoned on these special order bags…  […]