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Category Archives: Events

Bräuernacht #81: 2009.10.23

Bräuernacht #78: 2009.10.02

At an undisclosed location for some.

Bräuernacht #77: 2009.09.25

This will be a shplinkless Bräuernacht, with my apologies. We MUST finish moving, and have a vehicle to deliver to Casper. See y’all next Friday, eh?

Bräuernacht #76: 2009.09.18

My suggestion: Go to The Crown at 6ish/6:30ish, have a couple, and then head over to the Greek Fest for Μπυρανηχτα. Whaddayathink? Screw it. Meet at the GreekFest at 1830ish.

Bräuernacht #75: 2009.09.11

2009.09.12: BBQ /Pizza/ for Tonto

I would like to do a small get-together of our BN regulars on Saturday afternoon – say, 1300 hours – at my place; broil some burgers Eat some pizza, have some beer, and play music for Tonto. Are you guys in?

Bräuernacht #74: 2009.09.24

Bla bla bla.

Bräuernacht #73: 2009.08.28

It’ll be Robert’s last Bräuernacht for a while. It might be my last Bräuernacht while employed at A.H.I. Need alcohol.

Bräuernacht #72: 2009.08.21

You know the routine.

Bräuernacht #71: 2009.08.14

Usual time on Friday. But also…. Special Bräuernacht Thursday, 2009.08.13 – 2030 hours. Thursday’s BN counts, and was #70. So say we all.