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Cheyenne – Then And Now – Addoms & Glover Drug (1871)

Cheyenne – Then And Now – The Black And Tan Club

The Cheyenne Then & now Project 2012 (Part 1)

What’s going on *beside* the Grier’s building?

What’s going on *beside* the Grier’s building? I was rather pleased with this shot especially since it was taken at 9:09pm–it’s a 13 second exposure. I stood on a pile of pallets to reach a camera-sized gap on top of the plywood screen but below the remainder of the fascia brick wall to get it. […]

Augmented History

Concept demo of an Augmented Reality application. Currently the user takes a picture of an historical building and sees the image merged with an historical image (historical painting or old photograph) of that bulding. The recognition of the building is done using GPS and orientation data from the android phone, together with local invariant features […]

Meanwhile, 495 Miles From Omaha….

The Gibson Clark School was built in 1920 and served as one of Cheyenne’s handful of main early elementary schools.  Sometime after its inception it became a part of the still standing main High School complex.  In 1976 it then became a stand alone alternative High school, which it has remained until a few years ago.  Unfortunately on its 90th birthday […]

RIP Gibson Clark School

Salamander and I paid a visit to the Gibson Clark school last night. It is scheduled for demolition today.

Unfinished London

When we’re done with all the historical Cheyenne research we could make a little film. Like this one only with less history and stuff:

The older I get…

I just don’t know what it is about the historical buildings in downtown Cheyenne but it seems that I have become more and more fascinated with each year I continue to live here.  It’s such a strange sad decline in the quality and uniqueness with which we currently design and construct buildings in this day and […]