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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Say “Hebbo” to Tarvuism!

Braüernacht 45: *NOT the* Ghost Town Planning Nacht

It looks like I am getting sick- but will load up on dayquil and make it to BN. A few folks from work may also stop by…

Stuff White People Like

RIP John Martyn

speling wars

It bothers me that a teacher would misspell the word “masturbating” on a Disciplinary Referral. When I received and read this in the mail, I had to correct the spelling on the paper, for OCD reasons. Do you think I should send it back to the teacher with the correction?

The Missing Links

  Yep, I caught Glenn Beck on Fox News Channel the other day and it’s about what I figured…  I had a sneaking suspicion that this would be a full on foot in the door for the Christian Conservative faction, and sure enough we will be seeing regular contributions and commentary from wackos and zealots […]


Hey- Have any of you seen the movie 21? If so, I have a question about the “which door to choose” segment, when Kevin Spacey first appears. The kid’s reasoning made no sense to me- why change his choice after one was eliminated? Wouldn’t the remaining probability be the same for either remaining door?


This is a front page paper from a newspaper from Brazil the day of Obama’s Inauguration Day . This site ‘Newseum’ has many other parts to it and is a building and ‘newseum’ in DC, but I like this part of the site. Check it out yo!

Braüernacht 44

Valentines Day is coming….