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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Is rule three some unspoken rule, or is it the rule that there is no rule 7?

Compliance is mandatory.

Rocky Mountain News

Friend in need: Can anyone find a copy of the last issue of The News?

Really nice image search engine

I have seen image search engines before, but they were not very accurate. They worked mainly by matching colors in images, which can be useful. But when you need to find like images and/or the source of an image, this is really nice. Try it out. It even has a plugin for firefox or ie […]

Braüernacht 49: 2009.02.27

Some happenings at Hooey’s house this Friday at 7ish. I’ll let him explain if he signs in… Maybe we can go over for some chicken… heh .. heh ,,,,

Oh My Dog

The Antichristimification of America

Check this one out when you get the chance…  scary…  I was aware of and yet struck by how extremely polarized and cult-like the McCain supporters were, and yes, I realize that it was a decidedly biased documentary as most are…  But coming from that family mindset, I know how all too real it is.  […]

Home Sweet Home

I really miss it, sometimes.

Thou Shalt Always Kill

Seriously though, don’t question Stephen Fry.

Damn it, Slick!

*NOW* what did you do?

Braüernacht 48: 2009.02.20

Many have listened for the sound of the pots a-boilin’, pots a-boilin’. And I say, I say “Zooks! Book ‘em, Dano!”