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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Braüernacht #57: 2009.05.01: Workman’s nacht

Do You Have Pig Flu?!

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A Little Hip Hop in Your Violin

I was browsing the YouTube today and came across this spiffy hip hop violin video. Check it out! I don’t appear to be able to embed videos. Very sad.

The sorter

Intelligent Design Sort Introduction Intelligent design sort is a sorting algorithm based on the theory of intelligent design. Algorithm Description The probability of the original input list being in the exact order it’s in is 1/(n!). There is such a small likelihood of this that it’s clearly absurd to say that this happened by chance, […]


Earth Day is April 22. Why then, do Dramarama sing “It’s April 21st and everybody knows today it’s Earth Day?”

Slick- this is the LP cover I was talking about.

Braüernacht #56: 2009.04.24

It’s been another rough week for some of us. Perhaps a beverage and some Tonto impressions will help…

The IT Crowd

Funny stuff.