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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Braüernacht #66: 2009.07.03

I hereby officially nominate the shplinkhold for the next Braüernacht. Some of us want a break from The Crown. So I will have beer, a few Gigabytes of music, a porch and a couple of toilets.The Crown. 1800 hrs.

WTF is in the sewer!?

Aren’t you glad we didn’t find THIS while exploring the storm drains?!

Someone Tweeted!

Other great, modern propaganda posters: here

Braüernacht #65: 2009.06.26

Anticipated Yee-Haw factor of 47%.

Monks on Fire

It’s been awhile since anyone has posted a video of monks on Segways playing Phillip Glass while their heads are on fire. So here you go then:

Bumper Stickers

I think that I have a keen sense of humor, but it’s hard to convey that sense on a bumper sticker. You see, I’m not really a “bumper sticker” kind of person. To be honest, some of your bumper stickers make me a little uncomfortable. And yet I really dig these nuanced, ambivalent, or guarded […]

Braüernacht #64: 2009.06.19

I am a creature of habit, and I like the idea of BN staying at The Crown. But I know that things are happening downtown this Friday, so I am open to suggestions.



I Have Ennui

@GreatDismal (a.k.a. William Fucking Gibson!) twittered about this comic. Is the 21 Century odd or what?

Braüernacht #63: 2009.06.12

Usual time, usual place. Anticipated Yee-Haw factor of 71.7%. Pancakes, bitches?