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Monthly Archives: July 2009


15 Images you won’t believe aren’t photoshopped

Braüernacht #68: 2009.07.31

Is this a Braüernacht in the woods?The triumphant return to The Crown! Friday, 6:30ish. I look forward to it, with anticipation.

Wrong Part of the Yard

And now some more Swedish hip hop: We need tuxes for Beer Night.

3D Projection Gives Building Fantastical, Undulating Skin

555 KUBIK_ extended version from urbanscreen on Vimeo.




“Dogs have eyebrows. Or at least little ridges that pass for eyebrows. They got little things they can manipulate, just like we do. Cats can’t look at you like that. Cats look at you coldly as if they’re testing new eyes. The reason cats look different: cat’s don’t have eyebrows. Cats have a bunch of […]

カップヌードル・スタミナ「ガーリック星人・変身する少年・誕生 」編です

From the Triangle of Shame

Note the folks in the background. All the men are looking at their hymnals or off into space. All the women and the two little boys are looking at the can-can girls. Heh.

Braüernacht Nix

I assume that we are all in agreement, that Braüernacht should be cancelled for the next two Fridays, no?