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Monthly Archives: August 2010

The Box

I’d inherited the house from a grandfather I had hardly known. Back in the Great Depression, when my own father was just a boy, the old man had made a fortune in the stock market—no one in the family knew exactly how. All they knew was that old granddad then bought the house and quit […]


Who’s up for Fiasco next Friday? THINGS CAN GO WRONG, FAST… …Maybe some dude from youth group talked you into boosting a case of motor oil, but now your cousin is dead in a swamp and you killed him. Maybe you and your girlfriend figured you could scare your wife into a divorce, but things […]

The Long way to the Dentist

The summer breeze blew softly through the slightly cracked window.  Heat inside the car bathed the diminishing view of the work site parking lot as the engine began its start.  As the car lumbered through the humming gate, a distant beach along the shore was calling like a favorite song just slightly imperceptible.  The signature seagulls and surf noises leading […]