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Tagline rotator *and* twitter integration are alive!

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Thanks, Slick!


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sometimes convienience dictates the people you surround yourself with.

I have been becoming increasingly aware that my yearly vacation at the in-law’s isn’t quite the windfall I had expected it to be. On one particular occasion just last year I found myself frequenting one of the more colorful supermarkets in town. I really don’t quite understand my draw to this particular location but I arrive here nonetheless yearly, as if it calls to my soul. on this day as I parked my ambulance, narrowly avoiding several apparently aimless wanderers in the dirt lot, I immediately noticed that food was not to be handled in the normal fashion that I was used to in previous years. I walked past at least a dozen overly large wire bins setting upon filthy roll-around carts in the bright orange sunlight. One in particular contained several hundred pounds of festering bananas which turned my stomach. I tried to avoid staring at the cesspools that were forming and I made my way through the maze. An old man with no teeth was standing alongside one of the bins and spotted an enormous lady with one of those tiny annoying hand baskets in tow heading for an obscenely large vat of hot tamales. He brightened up, apparently seeing his chance to educate her, and as he struggled to produce a single consonant, nonchallantly asked her the folowing. “You heard a that Tee-Baggin’?”. She seemed to hesitantly know him, and after some careful thought answered back “s that where they shove a bananna up yer coooter?” I maintained zero eye contact and found myself moving more quickly toward the entrance of the store as I instinctively developed a sympathy limp within my right leg… In this instance I truly felt that if they briefly saw me as one of their own, they wouldn’t feel the need to strike out against me. My plan worked as the sliding glass doors moved quickly to seal me into the airless tomb of the supermarket womb.

All I really wanted was the essentials, some toothpaste, a Dew, and maybe, if I convinced myself hard enough, some of those litle chocolate donuts. I could imagine my tongue caressing the rounded curve of each lovingly deep fat fried mound. I stopped for a moment and embraced the feeling of licking the chocolate from each tender carcass. My thoughts were hastily dashed as I noticed the mouse droppings littering the bottom of the display cases in the bakery department. You could tell that there was an attempt at cleaning them up, but at some point there were so many that it was simply a cruel game in which some poor soul was ordered to sculpt innane phrases like “have a nice day” or “special today” out of piles of only semi-disguised excriment. The lifeless people behind the counter paced back and forth for no apparent reason and only occasionally stopped to almost utter unintelligible words and phrases. I imagined a sweaty manager in the back room rapidly fingering buttons and dials on an ipad which was sending rapid fire shock pulses to the spines of each employee stuck back in a 20th century windows 95 world that only they could afford or conform to. I started to feel uneasy as a scent or was it a sound slightly woke up my senses and again swirrled me into a feeling of vulnreability and confusion. It was only tangible on an nonsensical plane. A vibration in the air that made you feel sick and jubilant all at once. A tickling of the toes that is simultaneously funny and also spinning you into a world of nausea and unease in which your foot will ultimately swell and explode with heated malice.

I turned toward the exit but at the same time couldn’t push myself forward to go through with my retreat. Suddenly, and with a seamless fluid motion, there were hundreds of partrons hurredly grabbing all the food they could stuff into their carts. Even the artichoke hearts, water chestnuts, sardines, and Jewish passover items were hot items as the shelves rapidly caved away and displayed their cold white cavernous bowels into view. A chill surrounded me as I felt the air blow through the now empty rows and cascade up toward the cracked and sagging vegtable carts. A single neon sign flickered above the Deli section displaying an apparent empty beverage coupled with a phrase of unknown ethnic origin. I remembered the way glowing neon made me feel alive but now I only felt dread.

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Trying different twitter integration plugin.

Twitter test part deux

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Testing TwitterTools

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Just a test. Go about you business.


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Prowling Ophelia

Ophelia feels that last night’s events at Fuckton were noteworthy. She, as well as I, look forward to future mutations.

Spring Fever braunacht has begun.

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Naked Love Letter

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Not sure why I find this new show so damn funny, maybe a vast pocket of my closeted adolescence has finally been mined. It’s as if they went back in time to a place when Dexter, Carrot Top, and Kenneth, the Mormon guy on 30 rock shared an office cubicle working as telemarketers after college.¬† Blatant and offensive, the irreverence displayed in Workaholics sits defiantly like a shot glass of whiskey foaming at the bottom of a freshly poured Guinness. I liken it to office space on acid and a twelve pack… Two thumbs up.

What’s going on *beside* the Grier’s building?

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What’s going on *beside* the Grier’s building? I was rather pleased with this shot especially since it was taken at 9:09pm–it’s a 13 second exposure. I stood on a pile of pallets to reach a camera-sized gap on top of the plywood screen but below the remainder of the fascia brick wall to get it. I think this is where the power plant and parking area for the refurbished Grier building is happening.