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Naked Love Letter

2009.09.12: BBQ /Pizza/ for Tonto

I would like to do a small get-together of our BN regulars on Saturday afternoon – say, 1300 hours – at my place; broil some burgers Eat some pizza, have some beer, and play music for Tonto. Are you guys in?


TV Go Home

I’ll admit it, I don’t always understand English television.

Monks on Fire

It’s been awhile since anyone has posted a video of monks on Segways playing Phillip Glass while their heads are on fire. So here you go then:

What is it with Electric pants?



mic talk

I am looking for a relatively inexpensive (used?) microphone for one of my boys who’s getting better and better at using Garage Band on his mac, producing some pretty interesting music. I was looking at the Zoom H2, which is like, $970,000, so forget it… any experiences, ideas, tips?