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Reprieve By Tim Kreider Fourteen years ago I was stabbed in the throat. This is kind of a long story and it’s not the point of this essay. The point is that after my unsuccessful murder I wasn’t unhappy for an entire year.

In case you missed it…


Aversation: A-ver-sa-tion Noun; Oral exposition of opinions, observations, etc. toward a person who has walked away without the speaker realizing it. George made some remarks and asked Judy a question, not realizing that she had gone to the restroom five minutes ago. These aversations have become more frequent since George began to lose his hearing […]

Cramer and Stewart

The thing that gives me hope: There might be some reason in broadcasting after all: This was a civilized exchange, arguments in the pure sense. Jon, admittedly, steamrolled over Jim through a lot of it. But I loved the tone of the whole thing. Clicking on the picture takes you to the unedited interview.

Top Atheist Bloggers

From Skeptico:


I have to admit that the music of Sigur Rós never quite clicked with me. Then I watched Heima. I get it now.


Hey- Have any of you seen the movie 21? If so, I have a question about the “which door to choose” segment, when Kevin Spacey first appears. The kid’s reasoning made no sense to me- why change his choice after one was eliminated? Wouldn’t the remaining probability be the same for either remaining door?

Netflix and me

So I am all for this “instant play” deal. Since I’ve been TV-less for a couple of months, I’ve gradually began enjoying movies on my laptop. Catch a flick before going to bed. That sort of thing. The quality is not the greatest, but I’ve enjoyed a number of fairly obscure movies that I wouldn’t […]