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Salamander’s underground photos from 20090118

The six I liked best.  Lots of room for improving my underground photography. Washed my pants and socks as soon as I got home.  Pants came clean but the socks came out with a distinct eau d’pondwater though.  Jury’s still out on the boots.

Subterranean Herring Adventures 01-18-2009

On Sunday, January 18, 2009 the second gathering of the Subterranean Herring Adventurers occurred. Once again, at high noon inside the historic Luxury diner, a plan to tackle the Ames ave storm tunnel was sussed out.  Seven worthy explorers met to discuss the plan of attack and soon Operation Storm Fortress achieved “go” status.  Slick, […]

Underground Aftermath, Slick’s

RHS goes Underground, part 1

The first Red Herring Society underground expedition is, weather permitting, planned for Sunday, January 11th at 1 pm Sunday, January 18th at 1200 hours. We’ll meet at The Luxury Diner.